All listed prices are including tax.

Seki Horse mackerel・Seki Mackerel ・Shiroshita Flounder other
Will make fresh sashimi from fish preserve.

  • Fresh sashimi

    • Reservation required
      Seki Saba(Mackerel) 8,800yen(tax included)
    • Reservation required
      Seki Aji(Horse mackerel) 8,800yen(tax included)

  • Nigirizushi
    • Selected materials and rich flavor produced by the finest rice.

    • Please enjoy the fresh seafood that used seasonal ingredients.

    • Special restrictions Nigiri-zushi 7,700yen(tax included)

    • Special Nigiri-zushi 5,500yen(tax included)

    • Deluxe Nigiri-zushi 3,500yen(tax included)

    • Upper Nigiri-zushi 2,700yen(tax included)

    • Medium Nigiri-zushi 2,300yen(tax included)

    • Ordinary Nigiri-zushi 2,000yen(tax included)
  • Donburi・Chirashi

    • Seafood rice Bow 2,200yen(tax included)

    • Jumbo tempura Bowl 1,980yen(tax included)

    • Half grilled eel rice Bowl 1,650yen(tax included)

    • Grilled eel rice Bowl 2,800yen(tax included)

    • Tuna rice Bowl 2,400yen(tax included)
    • Egg Chirashi 1,450yen(tax included)
    • Conger eel Chirashi 3,000yen(tax included)
    • ChirashiSet 3,300yen(tax included)