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We accept various banquets.

All listed prices are including tax.


Draw good flavor of nature full of the attraction and Cooked wholeheartedly.

By all means,try eating.

  • Kaiseki
    • Fresh slices of raw fish Kaiseki is,
      「Seki Aji , Seki Mackerel」is total one fish for two people.
      Please thoroughly enjoy delicious time while talking until satisfied.

      □Fresh slices of raw fish Kaiseki 7,700yen(tax included)

    • □Globefish Course 9,900yen(tax included)~
    • □Affordable Kaiseki 3,500yen(tax included)
      □Sushi Kaiseki 6,600yen(tax included)
      Reservation required
      □Required chef's choice Kaiseki 4,400yen(tax included)
       According to the budget 5,500~11,000yen(tax included)

      ※When you make a reservation, please do so early.
      Depending on the season, ingredients etc, contents may differ slightly from the picture.
      ※ Kaiseki ryori is be booked from 2 people.
  • Gozen
    • SUZUYOSHI Selected Gozen

    • □Saba(Mackerel) Gozen 3,500yen(tax included)

    • □Aji(Horse mackerel) Gozen 3,500yen(tax included)

    • □Suzushi Gozen 3,300yen(tax included)

    • □Kaori Gozen 2,500yen(tax included)